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Wood Therapy Online Training

  • Wood Therapy is a holistic technique that originated in Colombia and has gained popularity worldwide. This online training program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to effectively perform wood therapy treatments using Kowua’s technique.
  • The online training program has a duration of 3 hours. During this time, you will receive comprehensive instruction and guidance on the proper use of wooden tools, specific techniques for contouring and shaping, and how to adapt the treatment to individual needs.


    Benefits of Wood Therapy Training: By completing this training, you will gain a deep understanding of wood therapy and its benefits. You will acquire the skills to perform effective treatments that can help reduce cellulite, improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and enhance overall body contour.

    The customer should have enough time availability according to the training that they have purchased.
    The customer may have all tools and supplies needed according to the purchased training.
    The customer must have a model for the hands on part of the training.
    To schedule the training, the customer will have 60 calendar days since the purchase day and the training can be re-scheduled in 2 opportunities. If the time therm expires or the training is re scheduled more than 2 times, requested by the customer and thta have nothing related to Kowua HC, the customer will loose the access to the training and would need to purchase it again to access.
    To apply to a requestin refund process in case that the customer doesn’t want to move forward with the purchase and scheduling process, they will have 24 hours after the purchase to request the refund. If the time therm expires and Kowua HC has already contacted the customer to schedule the training and verify the purchase, the refund process wouldn’t take place.

    This training includes:
    1. A five tools basic set (five cube roller+ diamond tips roller+ mushroom shaper+ F board+ Swedish medium size cup)
    2. Certification at the end of the training
    3. Recording of the whole session
    4. Access to theory module information

    In our theory module, we will review:
    1. How to perform a correct diagnosis before applying wood therapy
    2. Benefits of wood therapy
    3. Contraindications
    4. Kowua Wood tools and how to use them.
    5. Skin Hydration

    In our hands on part, we will review:
    1. Kowua’s technique to prepare the body before performing wood therapy
    2. Full body wood therapy treatment showing the technique qith Kowua Tools
    3. Facial treatment (optional)
    4. Reflexology (optional)
    5. Enhancement protocol

    This online training is directed towards all specialist in body shaping, body contouring, beauty body therapists and such, that want to apply this holistic technique and learn about Kowua’s contouring technique applying wood therapy

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