Kowua Handicrafts

Thongs and Bras Thongs and Bras Bundle - Pack of 30 Units

$248.40 $414.00
  • Our massage kit is designed to provide a professional and hygienic experience for both the massage therapist and the client. Each kit includes 30 units of disposable bras, thongs, kimonos, and hair net caps, all of which are designed for single-use. Made with high-quality materials, these items offer comfort and durability while ensuring a sanitary and stress-free massage experience. Perfect for spas, massage therapists, or anyone looking to offer a high-quality massage experience, our massage kit is a must-have for any professional setting.
  • 30 Bra
  • 30 Thongs
  • 30 Kimonos
  • 30 Hair Net Cap