Kowua Handicrafts

Sheets and Covers

  • Transforming your spa experience has never been easier with our spa table kit, complete with 30 oversheets and 30 sheets for your every need. The oversheets are designed to provide a barrier between the table and the client, ensuring hygiene and preventing any cross-contamination. Meanwhile, the soft, high-quality sheets provide comfort and luxury for your clients throughout their treatment. Don’t compromise on quality and upgrade your spa today with our spa table kit.

Oversheets and sheets are essential for maintaining proper hygiene in spa and massage settings. These disposable linens provide a clean, fresh surface for each client, preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. The oversheets are placed on top of the massage table, while the sheets are used to cover the client’s body during the treatment. Our kit includes 30 of each, ensuring that you have enough for multiple sessions. With our high-quality oversheets and sheets, you can provide your clients with a comfortable and sanitary experience every time.