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Lymphatic Drainage Online Training

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The lymphatic system is often overlooked and not well understood by many body contouring practitioners. However, it plays a crucial role in our overall health and can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of our treatments. This training program aims to educate practitioners about the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and how it can positively impact the health of our patients.
Duration: 2 hours

    This training program focuses on deepening practitioners’ understanding of the lymphatic system and its importance in body contouring. It explores the key differences between MLD and general massage techniques, emphasizing the unique benefits of MLD for our patients. Participants will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system, as well as the specific techniques used in MLD.

    Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Training: By completing this training, practitioners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the lymphatic system and its role in body contouring. They will learn the specific techniques of MLD, including gentle, rhythmic movements that stimulate lymphatic flow and promote detoxification. Additionally, participants will understand how MLD can help reduce swelling, inflammation, and cellulite, and improve overall skin health.

    The customer should have enough time availability according to the training that they have purchased.
    The customer may have all tools and supplies needed according to the purchased training.
    The customer must have a model for the hands on part of the training.
    To schedule the training, the customer will have 60 calendar days since the purchase day and the training can be re-scheduled in 2 opportunities. If the time therm expires or the training is re scheduled more than 2 times, requested by the customer and thta have nothing related to Kowua HC, the customer will loose the access to the training and would need to purchase it again to access.
    To apply to a requestin refund process in case that the customer doesn’t want to move forward with the purchase and scheduling process, they will have 24 hours after the purchase to request the refund. If the time therm expires and Kowua HC has already contacted the customer to schedule the training and verify the purchase, the refund process wouldn’t take place.

    This training includes:

    1. Manual of maneuvers
    2. Certification at the end of the training
    3. Recording of the whole session
    4. Access to theory module information

    In our theory module, we will review:

    1. What is the lymphatic system
    2. Effects and indications of the manual lymphatic drainage
    3. Contraindications
    4. Difference between a general common massage and a lymphatic draining massage

    In our hands on module, we will practice:

    1. Kowua’s technique to start and perform the massage.
    2. Neck draining maneuvers
    3. Chest draining maneuvers
    4. Abdomen draining maneuvers
    5. Thighs draining maneuvers
    6. Knees draining maneuvers
    7. Legs draining maneuvers
    8. Foot draining maneuvers
    9. Gluteus draining maneuvers
    10. Arms draining maneuvers
    11. Back draining maneuvers

    This online training is directed towards all specialist in body shaping, body contouring, beauty body therapists and such, that want to take care of their patients and amplify their knowledge and treatments range to help more people applying Kowua’s manual lymphatic drainage technique.