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Elementary Kit - 5PCS

  • Our Contouring Body Set consists of 5 premium wood therapy tools, all crafted from high-quality Urapan wood. This set is specifically designed to address common aesthetic concerns such as cellulite, localized adiposity, fibrosis tissue, and fat cells. Whether you own a beauty/spa salon or prefer home care, our Contouring Body Set provides the best wood therapy tools for achieving remarkable results.

Wood Therapy stimulates the body and balances energy, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and relieving muscle and joint pain. The treatment involves a continuous movement technique, applying gentle pressure from the bottom up to eliminate localized fat masses. By utilizing our wood therapy tools, you can effectively contour and shape your body, achieving the desired body shape and silhouette.

Our Contouring Body Set is designed to combat cellulite, eliminate localized adiposity, tackle fibrosis tissue, and target fat cells. Each tool in the set is specifically crafted to address different areas and concerns of the body, providing targeted and effective results. By using the appropriate wood tool and following the recommended techniques, you can experience a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, improved muscle tone, and a more sculpted physique.</p>
<p>Whether you’re a beauty/spa salon owner or seeking effective home care tools, our Contouring Body Set made from Urapan wood is the perfect choice. Experience the benefits of wood therapy, including improved energy balance, reduced stress, and relief from muscle and joint pain. Transform your body contours and achieve the body shape you desire with our premium wood therapy tools.

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