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Double Spheres Cups

  • The double sphere cups are specially designed tools that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of various body protocols. Their unique shape and construction make them versatile for different purposes. Prior to performing any protocol, the cups are used in an activating massage to prepare the body for treatment.

To use the double sphere cups, firmly grip them from their handles and move them in conscious circles around the lymph nodes. This activating massage helps to stimulate lymphatic circulation, reducing lymph node constriction and promoting optimal drainage. The circular movements create a gentle suction effect, aiding in the elimination of toxins and excess fluids.

The double sphere cups effectively combat lymphatic node constriction, promoting optimal lymphatic drainage. By improving lymphatic circulation, they help reduce swelling, detoxify the body, and enhance overall body shaping. Additionally, the cups are beneficial for targeting localized fat deposits, reducing muscle pain, and improving muscle tone.

Incorporating the double sphere cups into your body treatments can significantly enhance their effectiveness. Use them as an activating massage tool to prepare the body for protocols, improve lymphatic circulation, and combat lymphatic node constriction. Experience the benefits of enhanced drainage, reduced swelling, and improved body shaping with these versatile cups.

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