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Double Cups

  • The Double Cups are double cups that function as contouring and shaping tools. They can be used individually or both at the same time. They are dragged from their handles, following the bone structure of the targeted area to drain fluids and shape it.


To use the Double Cups, you hold them by their handles and drag them over the skin, following the bone structure of the treated area. This movement helps drain accumulated fluids and contour the area, improving its appearance. The individual or simultaneous use of both cups allows for tailoring the treatment to the specific needs of each individual.

The Double Cups combat fluid retention and help shape the treated area. They help stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting the elimination of toxins and enhancing the appearance of the body contour. Their versatile design allows for working on different areas of the body, adapting to the needs of each individual.

Incorporate the Double Cups into your wooden therapy routine and enjoy their benefits for contouring and shaping your body.

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