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Circle Roller

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  • The Circle Roller is a roller designed to be used on the abdomen or thighs. Its handles provide a firm and comfortable grip, facilitating its handling. This roller glides over the skin, performing zigzag movements.


To use the Circle Roller, you hold onto the handles and glide the roller over the desired area, whether it’s the abdomen or thighs. The zigzag movements help stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting the elimination of toxins and improving the appearance of the skin. Additionally, these movements contribute to toning and firming the tissues.

The Circle Roller combats lack of toning in the abdomen or thighs, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and promotes the elimination of toxins. It can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the texture and firmness of the skin in these areas.

Incorporate the Circle Roller into your wooden therapy routine and enjoy its therapeutic benefits on the abdomen or thighs.

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