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Carboxytherapy light machine-heated CO2 gas


The Carboxytherapy device is a revolutionary portable lighting device that offers professional protocols for body and facial treatments. With advanced technology, this machine allows for the subcutaneous application of carbon dioxide (CO2) at higher temperatures, delivering effective results in combating cellulite, corpulence, and adiposity. The device is designed to reduce pain and burning sensations by utilizing regular cold gas during the treatment process.


The Carboxytherapy device shows the most revolutionary portable lighting device with professional protocols. The machine allows the subcutaneous application of carbon dioxide (CO2) with higher temperatures, achieving results in body and facial treatments against cellulite, corpulence and adiposity, reducing pain and burning sensation with regular cold gas. Use the handpiece to inject heated CO2 gas.

<p>Aesthetic uses for carboxytherapy:</p>
<p>Cellulitis<br>Locate sinking obesity<br>Fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, facial use.<br>Stretch marks<br>Micro Varicose Veins.<br>Pre and Post-surgery.</p>
<p>Medical uses of carbohydrate therapy.</p>
<p>Cellulitis<br>Helps in the treatment of localized fat.<br>Angiology<br>Peripheral arterial disease<br>Microangiopathies<br>Urology<br>erectile dysfunction Associated with microangiopathy.<br>Dermatology<br>Psoriasis, varicose ulcers.</p>

Voltage: 110 or 220 VAC. Customer request.
Current consumption: 100 mA
Power Consumption: 11W
Outlet pressure: from 0 to 0.83 kg / cm2.

1 gas sampling line
1 air pressure regulator
1 heated CO2 gun
1 Pedals
4 Needle fixators
1 power cord
1 Skype Training (User Manual in Spanish – English)

* Some of the accessory designs (color, material, position) may change due to manufacturer’s decision or stock availability *
The CO2 cylinder is not included, you can buy it separately for $ 200 USD