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Body Roller Three Barrel

  • The barrel divided roller features a unique design with divided sections, allowing for precise and controlled movements during treatment. It is specifically intended for use on areas such as the abdomen and thighs, where localized fat is commonly found.

To use the barrel divided roller, hold it by its handles and perform upward and downward movements on the targeted areas. The roller applies gentle pressure and massage techniques to break down fat cells and promote circulation. By targeting specific areas with the roller, it helps to reduce the appearance of localized fat and improve overall contour.

The barrel divided roller primarily combats localized fat, particularly in the abdomen and thighs. Its specialized design and application techniques make it an effective tool for breaking down fat cells and improving the contour of these areas. Additionally, it is commonly used as a smooth roller in wood therapy treatments for post-operative patients, providing gentle and targeted massage to support their recovery process.

Incorporating the barrel divided roller into your treatment protocol can assist in addressing localized fat and promoting body contouring. Its use is particularly beneficial for post-operative patients and those with delicate skin. Enjoy the benefits of improved fat breakdown and a smoother, more contoured appearance with the help of this specialized tool.

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