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Body Ribbed Roller

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  • The Rolling Massage is a rejuvenating tool that stimulates energy, reduces stress, and provides relief for muscle aches and joint discomfort. This treatment involves a continuous rolling motion, moving in a bottom-up direction to target and eliminate localized fat deposits. The roller is designed to activate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, helping to eliminate adipocytes and combat localized adiposity.

The Rolling Massage is performed by applying a rolling motion to the skin, exerting gentle pressure and moving in an upward direction. This technique helps to stimulate blood circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, and break down adipocytes, which are fat cells. By promoting better circulation and eliminating excess fat deposits, the rolling massage contributes to a more sculpted and toned appearance.

The Rolling Massage is effective in combatting various concerns, including adipocytes and localized adiposity. By activating the blood circulation and lymphatic system, it helps to eliminate excess fat and improve the overall appearance of the skin. The choice of roller type depends on factors such as the patient’s skin condition and the level of adiposity present.

Incorporate the Rolling Massage into your beauty and wellness routine to experience its energizing and sculpting benefits. Whether you’re looking to reduce adipocytes, combat localized adiposity, or simply enjoy a rejuvenating massage, the Rolling Massage offers a versatile and effective solution. Choose the appropriate roller type for your specific needs and enjoy the therapeutic effects of this stimulating treatment.

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Diana Goldberga

Прекрасный инструмент!


Nice quality, and it’s bigger than I expected.