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Back Roller Massager

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  • The Back Roller Massager is a specialized tool designed for targeting and combating fat pockets on the back, particularly in the hip area. Crafted with precision and effectiveness in mind, this massager is ideal for addressing localized adiposity on the back.

The Back Roller Massager is used by firmly gripping the handle and performing a zigzag maneuver over the targeted fat pockets on the back. With its unique design and rolling motion, it works to break down the fat cells and promote a smoother and more contoured appearance. By applying gentle pressure and using the appropriate technique, this tool can effectively combat fat pocket.

The Back Roller Massager is specifically designed to combat fat pockets located on the back, particularly in the hip area. It targets and breaks down excess fat cells, helping to reduce the appearance of bulges and promoting a more toned and sculpted back. By incorporating this massager into your routine, you can work towards achieving a smoother and more defined back contour.

Always clean them with a disinfectant medium like quaternary ammonium or a strong alcohol and a dry fabric. You also can use caviwipes.
Dry them with a second dry fabric, make sure they’re not even humid.
Keep them in a 0 humidity space, not exposed to direct sun light nor kept on a box or in a completely isolated space
Note: For the metal tools, wash them with dish soap and a soft sponge, dry them and then follow the previous tips.

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