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Four Cube Metal Roller

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  • The 4 Cube Metal Roller is an essential tool used to promote blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Crafted with four cubes, this roller provides targeted and effective massage to address adipocytes and localized adiposity. The choice of roller type depends on the individual patient’s skin condition and the level of adiposity they have.

The 4 Cube Metal Roller  serves to activate the blood circulatory, and lymphatic system. It helps to eliminate adipocytes and localized adiposity. There are different types of rollers, which are chosen depending on how is the patient’s skin is and the adiposity that its presents.

Always clean them with a disinfectant medium like quaternary ammonium or a strong alcohol and a dry fabric. You also can use caviwipes.
Dry them with a second dry fabric, make sure they’re not even humid.
Keep them in a 0 humidity space, not exposed to direct sun light nor kept on a box or in a completely isolated space
Note: For the metal tools, wash them with dish soap and a soft sponge, dry them and then follow the previous tips.

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