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  • The Big Belt Pro is a specialized tool designed to specifically contour and shape the waist area. Crafted with precision and expertise, this tool is especially beneficial for individuals with larger waist sizes. With its ergonomic design and innovative features, the Big Belt Pro offers enhanced effectiveness and precision in body contouring and shaping protocols. Its sturdy handles provide a firm grip, allowing you to strategically position the tool around the waist area. By smoothly moving the Big Belt Pro in a side-to-side motion, you can achieve the desired results and enhance the contours of the waist.


The Big Belt Pro works by applying targeted pressure and movements to the waist area. The side-to-side motion helps to stimulate blood circulation, break down fat cells, and tone the muscles in the waist region. By using the tool in conjunction with body contouring and shaping protocols, you can optimize the results and achieve a more defined and sculpted waistline.

The Big Belt Pro is designed to combat common concerns related to the waist area, such as excess fat, lack of definition, and uneven contours. It is particularly effective for larger-sized patients who require additional support and precision in their body contouring journey. By incorporating the Big Belt Pro into your toolkit, you can target and address these concerns, leading to optimal waist contouring and shaping outcomes.</p>
<p>For individuals seeking optimal waist contouring and shaping outcomes, the Big Belt Pro is an excellent addition to your toolkit. Its specialized design, enhanced effectiveness, and precision make it an invaluable tool for achieving the desired results. Experience the benefits of the Big Belt Pro and enhance your body contouring and shaping protocols.

Always clean them with a disinfectant medium like quaternary ammonium or a strong alcohol and a dry fabric. You also can use caviwipes.
Dry them with a second dry fabric, make sure they’re not even humid.
Keep them in a 0 humidity space, not exposed to direct sun light nor kept on a box or in a completely isolated space
Note: For the metal tools, wash them with dish soap and a soft sponge, dry them and then follow the previous tips.

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