Post Op Care Online Training

When our patients get a surgery done to achieve those body goals they have dreamed of, they need all the support and experience we, as their body therapists, can give them. This training is focused on that knowledge in theory and draining massage you will need to help your surgeon patients.

Duration: 3 hours

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What we teach and how we do it

In our theory module, we will review:
  • Suggestions and step by step on a pre-operative patient 
  • How to treat scars and wounds
  • Correct draining
  • Consequences of a bad post op care
  • Pain treatment
In our hands on module, we will practice:
  • Where drains are located according to the surgery
  • How to properly drain
  • What can happen if we don’t drain properly
  • What to do if a drain is constrained.
  This training includes:
  • Manual of maneuvers
  • Certification at the end of the training
  • Recording of the whole session
  • Access to theory module information

Who should take it

This online training is directed towards all specialist in body shaping, body contouring, beauty body therapists and such, that want to take care of their patients and amplify their knowledge and treatments range to help more people applying Kowua’s post op drainage technique.

How to Shedule

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Questions and Expectations


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