Lymphatic Drainage Online Training

The lymphatic system is so mentioned and so unknown by all body contourist that all their benefits and the main difference between it and a general massage.This training is focused on acknowledging the benefits of manual lymphatic draining and how this practice impacts our patients health.

Duration: 2 hours

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What we teach and how we do it

In our theory module, we will review:
  • What is the lymphatic system 
  • Effects and indications of the manual lymphatic drainage
  • Contraindications
  • Difference between a general common massage and a lymphatic draining massage
In our hands on module, we will practice:
  • Kowua’s technique to start and perform the massage.
  • Neck draining maneuvers
  • Chest draining maneuvers
  • Abdomen draining maneuvers
  • Thighs draining maneuvers
  • Knees draining maneuvers
  • Legs draining maneuvers
  • Foot draining maneuvers
  • Gluteus draining maneuvers
  • Arms draining maneuvers
  • Back draining maneuvers
  This training includes:
  • Manual of maneuvers
  • Certification at the end of the training
  • Recording of the whole session
  • Access to theory module information

Who should take it

This online training is directed towards all specialist in body shaping, body contouring, beauty body therapists and such, that want to take care of their patients and amplify their knowledge and treatments range to help more people applying Kowua’s manual lymphatic drainage technique.

How to Schedule

To schedule your training, can get in touch with one of our Trainers over WhatsApp

Questions and Expectations


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