Essential oils

How does it works?

All essential oils are well-known for coming from natural sources and extracts from aromatic plants. All of our essential oils can be used on your hair by mixing 4 to 5 drops of the oil with your shampoo and performing a massage, also work for body massages by mixing 5 to 10 drop with a body oil or a hydrating cream, and are mostly used for aromatherapy protocols.

It is important to read the essential oils’ labels and follow the use instructions carefully, to minimize the risk of secondary effects or contraindications. If you have any doubt or questions about the safety of the essential oil for you, contact an expert.

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Essential oils


How does it works?

The essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that are extracted from aromatic plants through steam distillation or squeezed distillation. They have multiple uses including aromatherapy, skin care, pain relief, sleep improvement and asepsis. They are also included on some beauty products formula and have therapeutic and health benefits. In aromatherapy, they can be used to improve the emotional and mental welfare when you inhale their essences.

It is important to keep in mind that some oils can have contraindications for being irritating agents on the skin or that can’t be used before being diluted in other substance, some essential oils can act against some medicines or have secondary effects on some people, so before using them is important to talk with a doctor. Some contraindications include:

  Sensitive skin: some essential oils can irritate some skin types and should be diluted in other cream, oil or substance before being applied on the skin.

  Pregnancy: Some essential oils as fennel and green mint, can have negative effects in pregnancy and should be avoided during that time.

  Kids: Essential oils must be used carefully in little kids and shouldn’t be used in babies that are less 3 months.

  Medicines: some essential oils can react against some medicines and should be avoided if you’re taking specific medicines. Talk first with a doctor or a health professional before using essential oils if you are taking medicines.

  Allergies: some people can have allergies to some essential oils. If the person experiments allergy symptoms, as stitching in the body part you applied the oil or sneezing, stop the use of the essential oil and consult a doctor.

  Serious illness: some essential oils can have secondary effects that can be detrimental for people with certain health conditions. Consult a doctor before using the essential oils if you have a serious illness or health condition.

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Lavander, Orange, Green Mint, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon


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