Clay Sculpting

Professional clay aesthetic and spa product. Main benefits of clay for the skin:

– Antibiotic and cosmetic for the skin: its antibiotic and detoxifying properties are effective in treating infectious processes, such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. On the other hand, some studies conclude that clay increases collagen fibers.

– Regulates the overproduction of sebum
– decongests the pores of the skin.
– Softens and deep cleanses the skin.
– Provides luminosity effect on the skin.
– With exfoliating and detoxifying effect.
– Softens marks on the skin (depending on the continuity of its use).
– With regenerating and lifting effect.
– Clarifies and provides an effect of uniformity in the tone of the skin.


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1Lt clay comes with 1 empty container to freeze up, this container have the perfect dose to perform a full body treatment session. Please shake it up before filling the containers with the product.


Weight 1 kg

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