Body Contouring Metal Set

Contouring Metal Body Set:

Suggested to perform Body Sculpting Protocols.

Material benefits: hypoallergenic, clear of harmful bacteria, and corrosion resistance
Made of pure metal. (aluminum)

Used to get rid of localized fat, and cellulites found in the waist, abdomen, thighs, back and legs. These 3 perfect tools combined with our organic clay will provide great benefits on skin tightening and snatching. Their ergonomic design fits easily, and provides a soothing and relaxing massage.
Used in anti-cellulite treatments and to revive blood circulation

Add cold water inside the Mushroom Metal Shaper so the base and the small prongs get colder to improve the results during the treatment.

Get your tools customized! Ask to our team for special painting and engraving  Click here


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Weight 3 kg
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