EDEMATOUS CELLULITE – How to treat it?

EDEMATOUS CELLULITE – How to treat it?

The edematous cellulite is the type of cellulite that shows up as a consequence of a lymphatic system disorder. In its normal physiological process, the body needs to eliminate the toxins, but, if s

exists a problem on the lymph nodes, the toxins cannot be eliminated and are kept in the body as liquid retention. Into the different types of cellulite, the edematous cellulite is the hardest one to eliminate, thus a diagnosis in time is fundamental to its treatment.

The skin with edematous cellulite can present a flaccid aspect, being also limp and gelatinous, that yields when there is a minimum pressure being applied to it. It is commonly accompanied by an accumulation of fat excess, muscle hypotonia and pain. The boy zones that are commonly affected by this type of cellulite are the legs, mostly on the thighs and knees area. 

For years, it has been unknown how to treat or combat it in the most convenient way. In the market there are offered different alternatives to treat the edematous cellulite, however, as beauty and aesthetic professionals, it is our duty to validate which alternatives will really have a positive impact and will achieve efficient results on the patients. Without a doubt, making a nutritional guided plan that favors the non-appearance of new adiposity, combined with a workout plan and a protocol of body treatments, would be the perfect cocktail to combat this affection.  

Selection of good carbohydrates sources – vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Healthy vegan diet
  • Nutritional habits: 

The consumption of animal fat, carbohydrates or sugars, will accentuate the presence of edematous celulite. It’s because of this, that kicking them out of the diet will help greatly to combat it, so instead of eating fat, carbs and sugar, increase the comsuption of legumes, fruits, vegetables and low fat or non-fat foods will contribute to the non-appearance of new adiposity and more edematous cellulite.

  • Practicing exercise or working out:

The practice of any sport activity in a moderate way is basic to promote the blood circulation. It is necessary to tone those muscles where is a fat accumulation and working out for at least 45 minutes every day.

Some of the exercises that have a bigger impact on combating the cellulite are swimming, cycling, athleticism and aerobic exercises.

  • Body treatments:

The body treatments are a very effective method to treat cellulite. There are non-invasive procedures with visible results since the first sessions; such as: lymphatic drainage focused massages are very effective to activate blood circulation and eliminate swelling and liquid retention.

Also, treatments like wood therapy, vacuum therapy or even carboxytherapy act by promoting the lymphatic function and eliminating the nodes fat.

Getting rid of edematous cellulite that afflicts the majority of the patients is possible. Our responsibility as aesthetic professionals is to promote good healthy habits in nutrition and establish treatment plans that combine different techniques, which allow us to treat and attack this affection from all angles.

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