About us

Kowua-hc Is a Colombian company specializing in manufacturing of professional wood therapy tools.

More than 8 years’ experience manufacturing and selling worldwide the best wood therapy tools makes Kowua-hc one of the best Colombian suppliers of professional wood therapy tools.

Kowua-hc was set up on 2011 on Bogota D.C Colombia. The workshop is located at the northwestern of city, working along with more than 20 artists who create the finest shapes and molds from a high-quality wood

Kowua-hc main gold is provided to customers the finest high-quality wood to preform relaxing massage therapies, balance energy treatments, localized adiposity removal procedures, and body firming and toning treatments.

Suppling more than 100 beauty centers, health care clinics, beauty clinics, and spa’s worldwide. Kowua-hc has been recognized as the company with the premium high-quality wood in Colombia.

The ergonomics of wood tool, its color, design, and use is a top matter issue at Kowua-hc. Each of the tools manufactured are made with the finest kind of wood such as: Urapan, pine and oak.

at Kowua-hc “customization is the new loyalty” therefore meeting customers’ expectations are top priority by offering customized tools, and self-designed pieces.